A brighter future for children and young people in Darjeeling

Our Vision

Our Vision

We improve the lives of children and young people in Darjeeling through education, training and better living conditions.

We put children and young people at the heart of all we do. We work responsively via partnership with local people in Darjeeling to minimise our overheads and maximise our impact.

Our Objectives

1. Improve the opportunities for the education of children in the Darjeeling area, including through individual sponsorship;

2. Improve, where appropriate, the social and living conditions of children, where these affect their ability to fully benefit from educational opportunities;

3. Work with local people to identify and respond to projects and priorities for action;

4. Maximise the value and cost effectiveness of funds by working in partnership with local groups in Darjeeling;

5. Virtually eliminate overheads, including administrative costs;

6. Directly transfer funds to projects wherever possible.

See how we work

This documentary encapsulates the ways in which DCT is making a difference. Sponsored students, Food Craft Institute (FCI) students, orphanage children and teachers tell of how DCT is changing lives for the better. The full film lasts 23 minutes, or there is a short 3 minute version below.


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